Jun 24, 2013

Elégance de la Révolte

Pascal Gautrand
Elégance de la Révolte



June 25 - August 3, 2013
Tuesday - Saturday
02:00 pm - 07:00 pm

Launching party
Thursday, June 27, 2013
06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

Made in Town

For the launch of Élégance de la Révolte – a timeless line of coats and waistcoats made upon request – Made in Town is turning into a cutting workshop for a few weeks. The workshop puts manufacturing at the forefront, as it unveils the tailor’s gestures, sharpens tools and highlights the know-how handling these tools to transform materials with brilliant craftsmanship.

Élégance de la Révolte not only displays and stages fabrication, but also enables a form of dialogue and interaction with the craftsman and his product, which translates into a fashioning process open to the client’s suggestions and tastes.

The whole stylistic vocabulary of coats is available to the client, ranging from the choice of materials and colors – be it classic wool or cashmere – the various types of pockets, linings and buttons, to the length of the coat, which gives the end garment a personal feel and makes it all the more distinctive.

The project deliberately goes against the current fashion system, with the aim of creating a new pace of consumption, in which the manufacturing time plays in concrete terms a more legitimate role. Deciding to have a garment made for oneself is the opportunity to start, before it even exists, a relationship with it that will most likely go on for years to come. By ordering this summer, you will experience the pleasure of waiting a few weeks for your coat to be made to your requirements, and thus truly appreciate wearing it by next fall, starting from September.

In partnership with the Domaine de Cantaussel.


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