Mar 22, 2018

The Lace Review
First stage: Shanghai

Pascal Gautrand
The Lace Review<br/>First stage: Shanghai


​200 years of Leavers lace in Calais and Caudry
14 ultimate French lace-makers
From 22nd March to May 1st 2018
every day
from 10 am to 6 pm

Gate 7 People’s Park
231 West Nanjing Road
Shanghai, China

The first stage of touring exhibition The Lace Review, that brings together the 14 last manufactures of Leavers lace still operating in Calais and Caudry, is held from March 22nd to May 1st 2018 at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) of Shanghai.

The Lace Review exposes to the Chinese public the technical specificities that make the richness and uniqueness of this essential material in the fields of fashion and lingerie. A true cultural exception, the technique of weaving Leavers lace - which combines elegance, engineering and creativity - has marked the territory’s economic activity and imagination since its invention more than 200 years ago.

This first stage is co-produced by Bang Communications and takes place in the heart of Shanghai at MoCAthe first private museum in China dedicated to the promotion of Chinese or international contemporary art and design. It hosts exhibitions about the great names of Western fashion, design and luxury such as Dior, Chanel, Ferragamo or Marimekko. / Instagram / Facebook / #thelacereview

The whimsical: Leaverrs lace Riechers Marescot, buttons Atelier Aymeric Le Deun
Photo courtesy MoCA Shanghai
The rebel: Leavers lace Noyon Dentelle
Photo courtesy MoCA Shanghai
The outlandish: Leavers lace Codentel, boa Maison Legeron
Photo courtesy MoCA Shanghai
The intuitive: Leavers lace Darquer, fan Olivia Oberlin
Photo courtesy MoCA Shanghai

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