Mar 6, 2013

Painting for Living
Karina Bisch

Pascal Gautrand
Painting for Living<br/>Karina Bisch



March 7 - April 5, 2013
Tuesday - Saturday
02:00 pm - 07:00 pm

Made in Town

Made in Town presents La Loi des Séries (limitées) which assembles a selection of objects, accessories and clothes – unique or numbered pieces – produced by artisans, artists and designers.

Painting for Living is a collection of scarves in silk, hand-painted by artist Karina Bisch who explores the frontier between art and design.

Like the artistic movements at the end of the 19th century (Arts & Crafts and WIlliam Morris come to mind) and the avant-garde of the 1920-30s, especially Adolf Loos, Malévitch, and even Sonia Delaunay, the work of Karina Bisch blurs the line between fine arts and applied arts, experimenting with diverse forms: painting, sculpture, installation, objects, costumes, accessories.

Asserted or radically denied, stylized or revisited, the "decorative" is a determining concept in modern discourse. Painting for Living multiplies the hand and stages them on the surface of brightly-colored scarves. The motif here is the hand-made, symbolized by the representation of the same hand that made it: that of the artist.

A song of gestures, this hand is also the one who establishes the link between art and artisan, between a painting on silk and painted-silk. Each of the two formats offers a dozen diverse compositions, rendering each piece unique.

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