Dec 6, 2012

Philippe Terrier-Hermann

Pascal Gautrand
Chinoiserie<br/>Philippe Terrier-Hermann



December 7, 2012 - January 9, 2013
Tuesday - Saturday
02:00 pm - 07:00 pm

Launching party
Thursday, December 9, 2012
06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

in the presence of the artist

Made in Town

Made in Town presents a reflection on the ambiguity between original artwork and serial manufacture or reproduction.

Commissioned by artist Philippe Terrier-Hermann after one of his original sculptures, these "chinoiseries" are a series production Made in China. Cloned yet partially handmade, each piece testifies to the fragility of the border between hand and industry,

In 2000, Philippe Terrier-Hermann sent a "japonaiserie" – a green pea in enameled handmade ceramic – to be produced in 2000 examples by a factory usually manufacturing Chinese garden gnomes. After a long trip in cargo from Hong Kong to Le Havre, they were christened with pomp in 2001 in the basin of the Mies Van Der Rohe pavilion in Barcelona, a temple of modern good taste. Since then, they have traveled and found various owners who decide to adopt them for a price that varies according to supply and demand.

The names of the many co-proprietors are kept in a registry, appearing according to a scale matching the significance of their portion of ownership. In this process, Philippe Terrier-Hermann proposes a democratization of "the work of art" and employs the principles of "new economy": delocalization, presentation within a context of prestige, strong brand imaging, VIP events, the use of models, the valorization of the purchasers, and market speculation.

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