Jun 2, 2013

Complément d'objets

Pascal Gautrand
Complément d'objets<br/>Wood



June 3-29, 2013
Tuesday - Saturday
02:00 pm - 07:00 pm

Launching party
Thursday, June 13, 2013
06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

in the presence of the designers, artists and craftsmen

Made in Town

Under the title "Complément d’objets", Made in Town is exploring the field of design through the work of designers, architects, craftsmen, artists and furniture manufacturers, and focusing on the most distinctive features of designing, handcrafting or industrially manufacturing objects, furniture and accessories. The first edition highlights the work of wood and the various approaches that go along with it.

The first week was dedicated to the work of plastic artist Juliette Roche, who staged her practice under the title "To Give oneself work". For several days from morning to night, the artist has worked in a space that had been converted into a workshop and was open to the public. The performance occurred from June 3-8, 2013, during which she moulded several materials around the idea of wood in preparation for the the final exhibition.

Hand in Hand is a creative platform linking design to craftsmanship and to the environment, with the aim of safeguarding and developing traditional craftsmanship. The first part has been conducted in Taiwan since 2011 by the National Taïwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) and relies on traditional taiwanese techniques and local materials – bamboo in particular, but also ceramics or textile. Head of the project Patricio Sarmiento is developing a multi-purpose approach, which wavers between practice and education. For Compléments d’Objet, Hand in Hand is presenting the design work of the Atelier[jes], Emmanuel Lacoste, David des Moutis, Cécile Rembauville, Patricio Sarmiento and Heidi Winge Strøm in collaboration with 15 Taiwanese craftsmen.

Behind ONM are Grégoire and Frédéric Taupin, who work as a carpenter and an architect respectively. The two brothers have been working in their area of expertise since 2003. They decided in 2011 to join forces and capitalize on their know-how to create ONM. This collaboration enables them to design and to develop each item from the drawing to the finished piece of furniture. The Taupin brothers describe ONM, their line of furniture, as follows : "From cut up tree trunks, we edge the boards, we plane, then we cut straight this massive wood. We fit together, assemble and stick the resulting components. Without any metal lining. Without anything unnecessary."

Ting was founded by Christophe Gaubert and Hueiting Chang, a French-taiwanese designer couple, and manufactures design items. From this collaboration based on interlacing roots emanates a work that feels like an endless new horizon, not completely here or there, a continous journey cherished with memories and desires, symbols and meanings, obviousness and discrepancy, between Paris and Taipei. For Compléments d’Objet, Ting is gathering the design work of Hueiting Chang, Christophe Gaubert and Loïc Lobet.

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