Dec 13, 2013

On the Road of Craftsmanship

Geoff Mino
Folkdays<br/>On the Road of Craftsmanship



December 14-15, 2013

Made in Town

Folkdays is born from the travel discoveries of Lisa, Heidi and Kimon, three friends who fall in love with various local crafts while abroad. Wanting to support the local businesses they had found and sharing the techniques they had seen, they partnered with seven artisans to create a selection of bags, jewellery and accessories available under the brand Folkdays.

Ikat scarf. Photo credit: Folkdays

Currently, the project comprises a blog and online shop that not only displays the products but spotlights the artisans themselves, documenting them in action vis à vis their specific crafts.

Silk weaving in Cambodia. Photo credit: Folkdays. 

Between Cambodian ikat printing, Thai silversmithing, or Laotian vine-weaving, Folkdays forms small-scale partnerships with a long-term view. In addition to paying fair wages for the work of their partners, they also invest 10% of their profits into the development of the production facilities.

Silk scarf woven in Cambodia. Photo credit: Folkdays.

By introducing remote producers to online consumers who would otherwise be unable to discover them, Folkdays develops the viability and visibility of preserving various ancestral know-how. Visitors to Folkdays will encounter not just products and regions, but also faces and names, forging connections which would otherwise be impossible.

The trio will soon be traveling again – this time to India and Bangladesh in early 2014 – and hope to expand their line into home-goods in the near future.

Bracelet forged in Thailand. Photo credit: Folkdays.

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