Oct 4, 2016

(Inventer + faire)

Jean-Philippe Trapp
Inventaire<br/>(Inventer + faire)

Made in Town presents Inventaire (inventer + faire), a selection of products reflecting the particular know-how of ateliers all around the world.

Inventaire (inventer + faire) offers a wide range of objects and books manufactured locally, in France or abroad, through an original approach to the wardrobe, graphic arts or tableware. With authenticity and ingenuity of the design and fabrication as key features, it highlights the work of artisans, industrials, designers and artists.

Made in Town is a consulting platform whose expertise is focused on the valorization of know-how. All year long, the gallery presents to the public and the professionals a variety of artistic and commercial projects displaying the values behind the notion of fabrication, through a program of exhibitions and events in the fields of textile, fashion, design, art or gastronomy.

The selection of the Inventaire pop-up store, presented at the Centre National de la Danse during the Emergences Biennial in Pantin from 13th to 16th October 2016, will be available until January 2017 at Made in Town, in the Arts et Métiers neighborhood in Paris.


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