Made in Town works in different geographies and sectors to build links between key local producers: designers, industrials, craftsmen, institutions and organizations involved with bringing value and longevity to various know-how.


Interpreters of materials, tools and gestures, appropriating and using them to give life to unique, sometimes personalized, productions resulting from proximity and dialogue with clients.


Masters of materials, machines and technologies operating in the service of serial production, using mechanics to democratize design from upstream to final products.

Brands & Designers

Creators and distributors of artisanal and industrial products alike who rely on the particular know-how of local producers to create objects and give them meaning.

Artists & Authors

Launchers of artistic ventures and theoretical reflections that extend perspectives on technique and underscore the values of diversity in production processes.

Associations & Institutions

Public and private actors participating in cultural and regional promotion as well as the commercial diffusion of projects and products.

Schools & Professional Institutes

Organizations that train new generations and familiarize them with technical complexities as well as theoretical understandings of production, in order to protect know-how and local economies in perpetuity.