Feb 1, 2011

Limited / Unlimited
Objects of Desire

Andrea Spezzigu
Limited / Unlimited Objects of Desire


Rome, capital of 21st century craftmanship? From the moment Silvia Venturini Fendi was appointed chairman of AltaRoma, in March 2010, both Rome and fashion have found a precious defender for the contemporary craftsmanship values. From July 2010, the Fendi family heiress decided to promote LIMITED / UNLIMITED, an exhibition that has now become a biannual encounter between creation and know-hows.

Housed into the monumental hall of Biblioteca Casanatense in Rome on January 31st 2011, the second edition of this curatorial project examined the object as a whole, whether this be a garment, a piece of jewellery, a shoe, a bag or a hat. Forty-one designers were invited to participate with a representative and contemporary creation. Not only demi-couture, but creative and handmade, every piece is a proper artisanal avant-garde creation, uncontaminated by the industrial process of mass production.

The designers who took part in the 2nd edition of LIMITED / UNLIMITED: Albino, Vivia Ferragamo and Alessandra Luna for Billy Kasper, Alessio Bolzoni, Andrea Pompilio, Betony Vernon, Bruno Laurenzano Villador, Carta e Costura, Claudio Montias, Corrado De Biase, Corto Moltedo, David Wyatt, De Couture, Delfina Delettrez, Diego Dolcini, Diego Percossi Papi, Edo City, Edward Buchanan, Fabio Quaranta, Fabio Salini, Fabrizio Talia, Gentucca Bini, Gianni Serra, Iosselliani, Ivano Atzori, Jérôme C. Rousseau, Justin Smith, Lucia Odescalchi, Marco De Vincenzo, Matteo Thiela, Max Kibardin, Moi Multiple, Nicholas Kirkwood, Nicole Brundage, Ozona Sandro Gonnella, Paolo Di Landro, Sabina Masenza, Saddlers Union, Sergio Zambon, Silvio Betterelli, VBH and VPL Victoria Bartlett.

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Andrea Spezzigu

Andrea Spezzigu

Made in Sassari. He has always been passionate about fashion, he graduated in Law at LUISS University of Rome, where he lives and works, over the years he acquired an expertise in institutional communication. From now on, he is in charge of public relations and event planning, and he is also a consultant for AltaRoma.

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