Apr 26, 2011

A Roman Emporium of Elegance

Andrea Spezzigu
Battistoni A Roman Emporium of Elegance

More than a shop, Battistoni has always been a sort of high class café literaire, a meeting place of aristocratics, financiers, Italian and International celebrities: from the dukes of Windsor to Marlon Brando, from Moravia Warhol, Balthus to Cocteau. All of them aspired to boasting ownership of a Battistoni suit or shirt.

Established by Guglielmo Battistoni in '46, the style of the house of Battistoni marked an entire era, without any of the attending media clamour, thanks to its shirts featuring a contemporary touch and its collar tips, slightly longer and wider than those of traditional shirts.

Even nowadays they are still delivered with spare collars and cuffs to replace the old ones. A time-honoured tradition carried on with the same passion and the same discretion by his children Gianni and Simonetta.

Battistoni is featured in A Tailor-made Guidebook – Rome.


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Andrea Spezzigu

Andrea Spezzigu

Made in Sassari. He has always been passionate about fashion, he graduated in Law at LUISS University of Rome, where he lives and works, over the years he acquired an expertise in institutional communication. From now on, he is in charge of public relations and event planning, and he is also a consultant for AltaRoma.

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