Jul 4, 2010

A Tailor-made Guidebook – Rome

Andrea Spezzigu
A Tailor-made Guidebook – Rome

The Tailor-made Guidebook – Rome, Palombi Editori, 2012

A Tailor-made Guidebook – Rome traces the cartography of a microcosm of fashion, targeted at men who want to feel special by sporting unique or bespoke garments and accessories, thus enabling them to rediscover the taste of choice and personal expression, the excitement of waiting for an item and the marvel at seeing it completed and, last but not least, the beauty inherent in the tradition of crafting. 239 places in town where a man can order custom-made garments and accessories.

Shops of International luxury, classic tailor’s shop, artisan workshops, the small laboratories or ateliers of contemporary designers: all those places in the Capital where it is possible to commission a customized shirt which, for just 50 euros, never creases or a suit that fits to perfection and only requires two weeks of hand tailoring.

A useful tool for the hedonist who wishes to discover the seductive pleasure of a shoe constructed and designed to the shape of one’s own foot, for the aesthete who takes pleasure in sporting a tie made from a vintage fabric, a unique, unrepeatable piece or merely the simple satisfaction of wearing cufflinks engraved with one’s own initials. A means of discovering that the Eternal City offers a timeless pleasure, namely that of having one’s suits and accessories made-to-order.

From a hat to a scarf, from gloves to an umbrella, an indispensable guide for the wardrobe of the new dandy. Eyewear or perfumes for passionate connoisseurs, but also watches or pipes for the most fanatical collector. Everything entirely made-to-measure or customizable.

Classified by area and shown on the maps of the city, you will find 239 addresses of tailors, shirt makers, shoemakers, leather goods makers, goldsmiths or case makers, with whom to share your own creative flair. Not only a guide for yourselves, but also the perfect gift for the modern arbiter elegantiae. A tribute to Rome and a means of asserting one’s own individuality without ever looking out of place.

Authors: Andrea Spezzigu and Pascal Gautrand
Preface: Silvia Venturini Fendi
Published by Palombi Editori
Available in Italian and English

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Andrea Spezzigu

Andrea Spezzigu

Made in Sassari. He has always been passionate about fashion, he graduated in Law at LUISS University of Rome, where he lives and works, over the years he acquired an expertise in institutional communication. From now on, he is in charge of public relations and event planning, and he is also a consultant for AltaRoma.

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