Oct 17, 2010

Ali Kazma

Pascal Gautrand
Obstructions Ali Kazma

Born in 1971 in Istanbul, Ali Kazma is a video artist. His work raises fundamental questions about the meaning and significance of human activity and labor.

“There's a certain transformation of a raw material into an object. There can be many economic and cultural consequences of this transformation, but what I'm really focusing on is values formed with forms of production.”
– Ali Kazma

His seemingly obsessive exploration of contemporary human production and activity is based on a large series of videos, each focusing on a different profession. The films consist of a series of close-ups, fragments, and glances at sophisticated use of skills: the gesture of a dancer, a cook, a taxidermist, etc. All the places and activities chosen share almost allusive similarities even though they are totally unique.

While viewing highly skilled workers in different contemporary environments, we are reminded of the subtle aesthetic and technical skills required to produce a contemporary high quality work of art and how much the skilled hand is still important, even in the most industrial environments.

Jean Factory (2008) emphasizes the detail and craftsmanship used to produce the seemingly simple jean hanging in shops around the world. Every crease, every wrinkle, every gradation of color is highly thought out and calculated. Fashion House (2009) is based on the different aspects of the Missoni working process, from concept to finish, from the knitting factory to the catwalk.

This series of films cannot simply be seen as documentary, Ali Kazma videos demonstrate how much all the makings of highly refined finished products – masterpieces – require dexterity of mind/hand/eye, and ability for cutting/sewing/reshaping.

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Pascal Gautrand

Pascal Gautrand

Made in Mazamet. Made in Town founder, consultant and teacher, he is graduated from the Institut Français de la Mode and used to be a boarder in the fashion design division at the Villa Medici in Rome. He develops a reflexion, mainly in the fashion field, about the manufacturing culture. His approach, oriented towards the promotion of know-how, expresses through writing, video and fashion design. As a consultant, he especially collaborates with Première Vision for the organization of Maison d’Exceptions: a dedicated area about fabric know-how within the show and for the online magazine Maison d’Exceptions whose he is editor.

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