Nov 25, 2013

Il Borgo Cashmere
Fancy Stitch

Pascal Gautrand
Il Borgo Cashmere Fancy Stitch

Photo credit: Il Borgo Cashmere

Founded in 1949 in Borgo San Lorenzo, Italy, Il Borgo's work is based on ongoing research into knit stitches, whether hand-knit or machine knit, crochet or macramé, with an added touch of originality. Franco Fredducci succeeded his father-in-law at the head of the company.

In order to produce high-end knits, the Italian workshop still uses semi-mechanical knitting machines dating from the 1940s. Deeply attached to the tradition, it continually strives to adapt it, to reinvent it, through the use of cutting-edge technology or mixes of materials of very different natures, such as fur, leather, feathers and chains. The wokshop is taking part today in the development and dissemination of know-how that have been passed down over generations.

In 2013, the cashmere accessories knit by Il Borgo are on Made in Town winter inventory list.

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Pascal Gautrand

Pascal Gautrand

Made in Mazamet. Made in Town founder, consultant and teacher, he is graduated from the Institut Français de la Mode and used to be a boarder in the fashion design division at the Villa Medici in Rome. He develops a reflexion, mainly in the fashion field, about the manufacturing culture. His approach, oriented towards the promotion of know-how, expresses through writing, video and fashion design. As a consultant, he especially collaborates with Première Vision for the organization of Maison d’Exceptions: a dedicated area about fabric know-how within the show and for the online magazine Maison d’Exceptions whose he is editor.

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