Apr 18, 2012

Tricotage des Vosges
Feet on the Ground

Léandra Ricou
Tricotage des Vosges Feet on the Ground

Vagney site. Photo credit: Tricotage des Vosges.

In the mid-nineties, while the relocations were increasing, Jacques Marie, former director of Dim, wants to launch the manufacturing of quality socks in the Dim factory which was about to close. In Vagney, Vosges, he founded the company Tricotage des Vosges and the brand Bleu Forêt.

From its creation, the brand Bleu Forêt was in the top range because of its French manufacturing and the using of natural fibers only. The socks are made with Scotland’s fabrics, cotton, combed cotton, silk, merino wool and cashmere.

Half of the factory electric energy is auto-produced by water turbine and the steam production is obtained by natural gas. Tricotage des Vosges received the European label Moto Challenge by the ADEME (environment and energy management agency) as a result of their efforts and energy choices.

Nowadays, the six millions Bleu Forêt pair of socks and tights are manufactured by the Vagney factory, labeled Vosges Terre Textile, which also produces a quarter of Olympia socks (until 2010, the entire production was relocated in Romania).

In 2012, to launch Vosges Terre Textile label, Made in Town produced ten videos, which presented the field and its workers around territory, heritage, expertise, transmission and innovation notions. A year later, in 2013, the flash mob “Vous allez flasher sur moi” followed the videos, took place in Paris streets.


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Léandra Ricou

Léandra Ricou

Made in Fontenay-aux-Roses. Both a freelance writer and a press agent, she writes about fashion and people behind it: designers, craftsmen and industrialists. She is a regular contributor on Maison d’Exceptions and Made in France Première Vision online magazines, among others. She is graduated from the Institut de Management et de Communication Interculturels, formerly Institut Supérieur d’Interprétation et de Traduction and from the Institut Français de la Mode.

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