Nov 27, 2013

Antica Manifattura Cappelli
To Lose One’s Head

Andrea Spezzigu
Antica Manifattura Cappelli To Lose One’s Head

A rare milliner’s workshop-laboratory, Antica Manifattura Cappelli is a monument of Italian craftsmanship that still preserves an infinity of moulds dating back to the early twentieth century. Opened by the Cirri family in 1936 in the Roman neighborhood of Prati, it now produces custom-made hats for men, women and children as well as for film studios and the theatre.

Wooden shapes in the adjoining workshop

Only the most traditional working techniques are used. For example, the hats are still dried and ironed with old rounded irons to give the brims their shape. In 2003, the company was taken over by the designer Patrizia Fabri and her brother, Pier Carlo. The shop offers a myriad of materials (sewn straw, velvet, felt) and styles (fur hats, caps, panamas). Last but not least, the laboratory specializes in the production of unique creations, customized to suit individual requirements.

The stock of feathers and accessories

"At the beginning of last century, the hat could be considered a true sign of identity, it was a basic element of proper dressing and nobody, neither man nor woman, would go out into public without a hat. Today, on the contrary, the hat is an option, and pleasure of 'placing oneself' underneath one is a way of feeling sophisticated and exclusive. Furthermore, quality materials such as rabbit are available only through the use of traditional methods such as wood modeling."

The seal of certification from a rabbit hair felt house
La Familiare, an Italian felt supplier
Metal shapes

Antica Manifattura Cappelli is featured in A Tailor-made Guidebook – Rome.

In 2013, Antica Maniffatura Cappelli's artisanal hats are on Made in Town winter inventory list.

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Andrea Spezzigu

Andrea Spezzigu

Made in Sassari. He has always been passionate about fashion, he graduated in Law at LUISS University of Rome, where he lives and works, over the years he acquired an expertise in institutional communication. From now on, he is in charge of public relations and event planning, and he is also a consultant for AltaRoma.

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