Oct 30, 2013

Carmen Mateos
Costume Maker
Point de détails

Maxime Desmet
Carmen Mateos Costume Maker Point de détails

Carmen Mateos' worktable

On the occasion of TravelMarie-Ange Guilleminot and Made in Town organize a series of encounters with guardians of gestures and techniques: costumers, tailors, embroiderers, corsetry-makers, graphic designers.

These meetings will cast a light on the elaboration of the project Touchez-Voir [Touch & See], a wardrobe realized from reproductions of clothes and accessories originating in the archives of Palais Galliera, the Museum of Fashion of the City of Paris.

For the first of these rendez-vous, the costumer Carmen Mateos contributes her savoir-faire in order to create a pattern modeled after a shoulder pad by Maison Martin Margiela (Inv. 1991-215-11) from the reserves of Palais Galliera.

Project accompanied by Lise Brisson

Carmen Mateos, Marie-Ange Guilleminot and Lise Brisson at work at Made in Town
A shoulder pad by Maison Martin Margiela in the reserves of Palais Galliera
The Maison Martin Margiela shoulder pad from the collection of Palais Galliera

The copy of the shoulder pad made in the reserves of Palais Galliera by Carmen Mateos

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Maxime Desmet

Maxime Desmet

Made in Strasbourg. Graduated in communication and management sciences at the Institut Français de la Mode, he develops a digital communication expertise about fashion, that is why he worked with houses such as Dior, Valentino or Nina Ricci. Passionate about menswear, he edits an online magazine Sodandy since 2009.

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