Apr 9, 2014

Made in France
Fashion is a Territory

Magali An Berthon
Made in France Fashion is a Territory

Alongside with the Made in France Première Vision trade show, the exceptional rendez-vous of French haute façon held at Carreau du Temple in Paris, dive into the online magazine on salonmadeinfrance.com.

This unique platform aims to explore the diversity of the French textile know-how: culture, territories, sectors and key stakeholders – brands, industrials and institutions. Through examples, analysis and illustrations, and at a rate of two articles per week, the magazine echoes Made in France most inspiring initiatives.

Made in Town is in charge of all the editorial line of the magazine and feeds on a weekly basis exclusive and new content. The various posts will address the multiple facets of the French haute façon and revolve around four main topics: Fashion, Industry, Made in France Spirit and Words.

Fashion – International fashion relies on high-end French manufacturing: brands and designers explore with talent the spirit of hexagonal know-how.
Industry – Workshops, skills and techniques that characterize the competitiveness of French industry.
Spirit – Multiple definitions and cultural diversity which enrich Made in France today.
Words – Words and faces of those who embody the creativity and innovation of Made in France.


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Magali An Berthon

Magali An Berthon

Made in Montréal. Magali An Berthon wears two hats: textile designer and journalist. Graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, she works as a freelance textile designer for fashion and decoration collections, with a preference for patterns and ethnic textiles. In parallel, she works as an editor and she is specialized in textile know-how all around the world.

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[Made in Town TV]


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