Jun 11, 2014

Maison d’Exceptions
An antidote to Standardization

Magali An Berthon
Maison d’Exceptions An antidote to Standardization

In parallel of the Première Vision trade show and its space Maison d'Exceptions dedicated to textile producers and suppliers, a rendez-vous featuring traditional or innovative exceptional productions, the maisondexceptions.com magazine is a unique online platform which extends the trade show experience and offers a true antidote to standardization.

Photo Credit: Première Vision

Fashion and textiles, heritage, innovation, education, so many keys to address the richness and diversity of textiles know-how from France and worldwide. The magazine offers a journey through the ages and continents, uncovering ancient, popular and contemporary techniques, for a full and informed exploration of textile design.

Maison d'Exceptions at Première Vision, February 2014. Photo Credit: Première Vision.

Made in Town is in charge for all the editorial guidelines of the magazine, publishing each week new exclusive content, punctuating it with articles, pictures and videos. The various publications take interest in activities of craftsmen, textile suppliers, fashion houses, designers, museums and artists, all committed to the excellence and diversity of textile craft.


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Magali An Berthon

Magali An Berthon

Made in Montréal. Magali An Berthon wears two hats: textile designer and journalist. Graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, she works as a freelance textile designer for fashion and decoration collections, with a preference for patterns and ethnic textiles. In parallel, she works as an editor and she is specialized in textile know-how all around the world.

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