May 16, 2013

Hugues Decointet
Behind the Scenes

Pascal Gautrand
Hugues Decointet Behind the Scenes

Hugues Decointet, artist, was born in 1961. He lives and works in Montreuil, France.

His work values construction and scenic installation in the spirit of prelude, drawing from literature, film, and unfinished or wholly discarded architectural plans. He is interested in decoration as a constitutive element of a given anticipated work.

In 2013, he presents his "Boîte à miracles" [Miracle Box] at Made in Town.

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Pascal Gautrand

Pascal Gautrand

Made in Mazamet. Made in Town founder, consultant and teacher, he is graduated from the Institut Français de la Mode and used to be a boarder in the fashion design division at the Villa Medici in Rome. He develops a reflexion, mainly in the fashion field, about the manufacturing culture. His approach, oriented towards the promotion of know-how, expresses through writing, video and fashion design. As a consultant, he especially collaborates with Première Vision for the organization of Maison d’Exceptions: a dedicated area about fabric know-how within the show and for the online magazine Maison d’Exceptions whose he is editor.

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The TRICOLOR materials library @Smart Creation, Première Vision Paris
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TRICOLOR materials library
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the web series
[Made in Town TV]


This web series in 6 episodes of about 7 minutes each reveals the behind-the-scenes of manufacturing, from one end of the production chain to the other. Each episode is a chance to discover a variety of professions and immerse yourself in the environment of French production sites: from sheep farmers to clothing companies, from weaving and finishing to design.