Mar 9, 2016

On the sunny side
Flower Power

Jean-Philippe Trapp
On the sunny side Flower Power

Mathilde Vial at work in her workshop. Photo credit: Danghuan.

With a passion for the vegetable world since the childhood she spent in the mountains and her grandparents’ garden, Mathilde Vial followed a training at Ecole des fleuristes de Paris before discovering all the richness of this craft with traditional flower-makers.

In her workshop-boutique On the sunny side, located rue du Vertbois close to Made in Town, she creates bouquets and other bespoke arrangements, taking inspirations from wild landscapes and the wide range of materials, textures and colors offered by nature.

Flowers, fruits, foliage, coming mainly from a local horticultural production, are carefully selected and shaped by the flower maker, whose expert hands intervene at every step of the fabrication.

In 2016, Mathilde Vial imagined with French artist Béatrice Valentine Amrhein the vegetal scenography of the Wild Rabbit’s Banquet presented at Made in Town.

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Jean-Philippe Trapp

Jean-Philippe Trapp

Made in Metz. A graduate from the Institut de Commerce de Nancy (ICN Business School), where he attended a cross-disciplinary management program dedicated to the luxury industry, he initiated a study as part of his master’s thesis on the role of craftsmanship in this specific sector and its ability to contribute to the emergence of new production systems. It is when working at the Institut National des Métiers d’Art that he discovered the true wealth of the French heritage. He now wishes to educate the public about local know-how from all over the world and their cultural roots, through a selection of diverse projects in the fields of fashion, design and art.

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