Nov 23, 2013

Karin Blach Nielsen
Playing With Glazes

Geoff Mino
Karin Blach Nielsen Playing With Glazes

Photo credit: Karin Blach Nielsen

Karin Blach Nielsen studied at Designskolen Kolding in Denmark and completed her education at the Royal College of Art in London. She returned to stoneware four years ago after a long career in slipcast porcelain.

"I categorize my ceramics as classic. I use an old technique, the throwing wheel, to make my clayforms, and build/develop my glaze tests on traditional glazing methods and styles. I see endless possibilities in the material, and love to explore and show the qualities of the clays and silicate minerals. Although most of the ceramics I make are finished unique pieces, I see many of them as glaze samples that can be developed or refined into new pieces, or taken in new directions with colors and textures."
– Karin Blach Nielsen

She has been working in Copenhagen since, and last year established a studio and shop, Formverk, where she produces and sells her work alongside two other ceramists and three jewelry designers. In the Spring of 2013, she founded Tortus Copenhagen with Eric and Justin Landon. They are united by their passion for the material and the love of making unique objects by hand according to traditional methods.

The stoneware cylinders are explorations of the use of color and texture in glazes. Karin devotes a lot of time to testing various glazes, mixing colors and glaze-types. What began as simply playing with the effect of colors of clay caused her to realize the huge impact color makes and how they work with the tactile surface of an object to appeal to our senses, emotions and memories. The role of light reflecting in the glazed surface, revealing variations in colors and crystalline particles in the glaze layers is another subject of exploration for Karin when working with glazes.

In 2013, Karin Blach Nielsen's designs are on Made in Town winter inventory list.

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Geoff Mino

Geoff Mino

Made in Yonkers. Geoff completed his masters at Institut Français de la Mode following a degree in Modern Culture and Media from Brown University. After spending time with Made in Town in Paris, he worked in fine dining and artisanal cheese-making in Marfa, Texas. He currently lives in Shanghai.

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