Mar 1, 2017

The user-friendly bike

Mathilde Clément
Biken, accessories for bike

Photo Credit : Biken

Quality and ingenuity. Those are the two words that best define the work of the team at Biken, an American bicycle shop started by Ken Sugimoto in 2013. Based in Tustin, southern California, its founder acquired a solid, twenty-year experience as a product designer both in Japan and the US.


Photo Credit : Biken

"I'm making cycling-related accessories for town cycling. Biken’s concept is to create products that can go from riding around town, to a cafe, or even to work. I’m always keeping in mind the idea of incorporating some features and innovations that are user-friendly into the simple design."

In order to offer bot quality and originality, Ken takes inspiration from the urban and mountainous landscape that surrounds him. Each piece is unique, and the materials are wisely chosen. “I sometimes come up with product ideas when I am biking and thinking about bikes.’’

Ken Sugimoto - Photo Credit : Biken

Used throughout the manufacture of products for cutting leather, fastening snaps, rivets or to disassemble chains of bicycles ... the arbor press is the most important tool.

"I am constantly thinking of the best ways to create the things that I myself would love to have and use. I’ll be happy if people who use Biken products feel the same way."


Photo Credit : Biken

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Mathilde Clément

Mathilde Clément

Made in Clamart. Passionate about art history, Mathilde thrives in creative environments, with a special affinity for the worlds of textile and object design. She puts her pen at the service of the valorization of crafts and materials, in order to bring to the attention of the general public the meaning and the work of artisans and designers from all around the world.

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