Aug 9, 2017

Four Leaf Wood Shop
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Mathilde Clément
Four Leaf Wood Shop

Photo Credit : Four leaf Wood Shop

Four Leaf Wood Shop first opened its doors in 2015, at the impulse of Jack Gérard and Geneviève Barrere. In their Ojaj, California workshop, these two young Americans create and produce wooden kitchen utensils – mainly spoons, but also spatulas and knives – using artisanal techniques.

Photo credits: Four Leaf Wood Shop

This passion for creating wooden objects for the kitchen appeared when Jack made his first butter knife. He then moved on to creating spoons. “It has been about two years since I started woodworking. Everything is changing and evolving constantly. I find new was to work with wood and create things I never thought possible.’’

Photo credits: Four Leaf Wood Shop

Jack specifically likes to make spoon-bowls, and creates everything by hand.  He learned woodworking and conception by himself. “Coming up with new shapes and designs really gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. (...) Each technique is different. Different pieces of wood have to be carved at different angles and it is extremely challenging sometimes.”

A large part of the wood he uses is reclaimed and then recycled. The rest is sourced from local fruit gardens, as Ojai happens to be a true source of inspiration for the two designers. “The town I live in is very small and full of talented artist and creative people. It helps to be surrounded by such people because they help shape and mold your ideas along with theirs.” Jack and Genevieve prefer walnut above all, as its color and varied uses correspond well to the Four Leaf Wood Shop’s esthetics.

Photo credits: Four Leaf Wood Shop

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Mathilde Clément

Mathilde Clément

Made in Clamart. Passionate about art history, Mathilde thrives in creative environments, with a special affinity for the worlds of textile and object design. She puts her pen at the service of the valorization of crafts and materials, in order to bring to the attention of the general public the meaning and the work of artisans and designers from all around the world.

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