Jul 19, 2017

Veló by Zin
building boots

Mathilde Clément
Veló by Zin

Ve by Zin was born from the encounter of two architects, Niccolo Di Paola and Zaida Mañas. In 2013, their shared wish to create and make shoes using a traditional process pushed them to establish their own workshop in the El Born neighborhood of Barcelona.

Photo credits: Lucia Meler

“This city is a continuum bombing of stimulus that you need to hush if you are trying to make something new.” Together, they design unique shoes made mainly from wood and leather sourced from local Catalan tanneries or from Italy, and recycled bicycle tires. “We make shoes in thousand different ways, we always seek or invent the best technique depending on the situation, model, design, materials, shapes...”

Photo credits: Veló By Zin - Niccolo 

Niccolo studied architecture in Venice, where he gained his experience making shoes with Venitian master Rolando Segalin, after also working in Florence, London and Barcelona. “In 2010 I decided to move to Barcelona and dedicate more time to my passion: shoemaking. The passion became a real work. I felt in love with shoemaking because the process of designing and making behind the shoes is very similar to the architecture one. The shoes are small buildings that you can create by yourself.”

Photo credits: Lucia Meler

Zaida also devoted herself to architecture, design, and lighting before her life took a major turn in 2011 after the loss of a loved one. “In that moment of change and awareness, I met Niccolò, and soon after we decided to begin a new journey together in this exciting adventure that is Veló by Zin.”

Their experience as architects truly resonates in their collections. “We keep designing architecture, we think in terms of spaces, shapes and relations. And we always try to simplify more and more.”


Photo credits: Veló By Zin - Zaida

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Mathilde Clément

Mathilde Clément

Made in Clamart. Passionate about art history, Mathilde thrives in creative environments, with a special affinity for the worlds of textile and object design. She puts her pen at the service of the valorization of crafts and materials, in order to bring to the attention of the general public the meaning and the work of artisans and designers from all around the world.

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