Nov 27, 2013

Gitte Helle
A Surrealist Bestiary

Geoff Mino
Gitte Helle A Surrealist Bestiary

Gitte Helle's workshop

With this collection of porcelain figurines, Figure Similarities, Gitte Helle takes the proverbial and literal axe to kitsch, bringing out its best. She creates juxtapositions that are delightfully absurd with a touch of the uncanny.

“I try to get people to become aware of things that they would otherwise have forgotten, [to see] the beauty and originality of the spoiled and discarded. Man has always tried to keep the past in the form of stories and relics. In the church, we have wood splinters and pieces of clothing that supposedly date from the early Christian era; at the museums, we have large collections of potsherds, arrowheads, utensils and tools that tell stories of our ancestors' lives. In the 1970s, I worked in Abbe Pierre Klunserkollektiver in France and Denmark. Here I was really aware of the modern civilization's detritus and throw-away mentality. I helped to collect things, which we sold at flea markets or scrap dealers. I discovered that worn and used items include their own beauty enhanced by the history they contain.”
– Gitte Helle

These porcelain collages of borrowed animal and human limbs, heads and bodies come together to form a surreal and personal bestiary of the imagination.

Porcelain figurines. Photo Credit: Gitte Helle.

In 2013, Gitte Helle's designs are on Made in Town winter inventory list.

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Geoff Mino

Geoff Mino

Made in Yonkers. Geoff completed his masters at Institut Français de la Mode following a degree in Modern Culture and Media from Brown University. After spending time with Made in Town in Paris, he worked in fine dining and artisanal cheese-making in Marfa, Texas. He currently lives in Shanghai.

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